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Solutions for 1-9 Employees

Having small local roots, CheckRightNW understands the time and effort needed to build and maintain a small business. We make administrative tasks simpler, helping with payroll, taxes, HR management, and more so our clients are free to invest their time where it matters most.

We provide quality customer service with agents you know by name, who take care of your payroll needs personally. Our per employee pricing structure help us keep costs low, while providing you with the same benefits, service, and data usage as a larger company.


Customizable Payroll

Payroll is not a one-size fits all kind of service. Our clients only pay for services they need, choosing which reports they want run, the pay schedule they require, with the benefit of automatic services and filings. Why pay for a suite of unnecessary services when you can tailor your payroll to fit your business? Simplify and Save, without losing any of the great services you need.

Personal Customer Service

Don’t get lost in the hierarchy of big-box payroll companies. Speak with a payroll specialist who knows you personally and is invested in your business. We have decision makers in-office, ensuring immediate issues are resolved in a timely manner by agents who know you by name.

Key Services:

  • Personalized/customizable payroll processing

  • Employee online self-service

  • Free direct deposit and paper checks

  • Customize earnings by departments and divisions

  • Payroll tax administration handled by a local processor

  • New Hire Reporting

  • Customizable Payroll reports

  • Automatically Generated Garnishment, Retirement, Workers Comp payments

  • Automatic Integration with Quickbooks

  • Integrated HR Record Keeping



Owner, Fat Tire Farm

"CheckRight NW has been processing our payroll for ten years now. We have enjoyed the working relationship and the freedom it has created to allow us to focus elsewhere on our business." 

-Park Chambers (2019)

What our smaller clients appreciate:

Simple & Convenient Payroll Processing

Enter payroll online, via mobile device, phone, fax, or email

Automatic Tax payments and Reporting

CRNW handles payroll taxes and reporting, so you don’t have to



We provide flexible services for sole proprietorships to large corporations. We’re dedicated to saving you time and money with accurate payroll.

time and attendance.dkbg.png

Time & Attendance

Our 24/7 online services make tracking employee attendance simple and convenient while reducing labor costs.

human resources.dkbg.png

HR Management

We’re experts in compliance, provide tools to track and manage employee benefits and will stay on top of worker comp so you don’t have to.

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