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Time & Attendance

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Flexible time-clock with software integration

Have timekeeping automatically integrated with your payroll processing, eliminating the need for importing, exporting, or re-entering time-clock data. Track time through online time-cards, with a physical, biometric, or mag-strip time-clock. Access automated time-clock reports online 24 hours a day.

  • Direct time-clock integration with payroll software, no need to import, export re-enter data

  • Allows for departments, jobs, and tip reporting, and much more

  • Provides automated emails for exceptions, tardy, or overtime

  • Online in/out board for manager convenience to track live workers

  • Manage approvals prior to payroll processing and review hours at any time

  • Requests for time-off or schedule changes go through the manager via the online system; no more written requests or trying to remember who asked for PTO and when


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