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HR Management

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Simplify Employee Management

Streamline Human Resource Management with a robust online support system. With automated onboarding, clients and employees are supported throughout the hiring process until applicants sign on the dotted line, when the software automatically adds them to payroll. With a variety of HR tools, tracking, and reporting, our system helps improve employee and overall company performance.


Automated Electronic Onboarding

Electronic employee onboarding, from smart applications for pre-screening, to applicant tracking, interviewing, background checks, communication, and scheduling. Once an applicant digitally signs their acceptance, the system automatically adds the employee to the payroll system.

Improve Employee and Company Performance

Clients have access to a variety of management tools from HR training, custom handbook creation, and HR self-audit tools to employee performance tracking, analytics, and reporting. Our customizable HR resources make administrative duties easier, improving HR time management, while helping supervisors see where improvements can be made.

Employee Tracking and Reporting

Track employee benefit plans, enrollments, and employee costs. Our software is EEOC compliant with guided reporting tools, tracking any paid time off accrual or benefit, including sick, vacation, maternity-leave, and more. The best part? It all automatically connects with your payroll and time tracking systems.

  • Smart application form builder

  • Online job postings and social media integration

  • Applicant tracking

  • Video interviewing

  • Benefits statements

  • Company directory

  • Performance tracking

  • HR tracking with calendar, alerts and reporting

  • Vacation requests and approvals

  • Manage employee benefits, group health insurance, and retirement plans

  • Store employee profiles, streamline forms and procedures, automated notifications and reminders

  • HR forms, checklists and documents

  • Legal alerts

  • HR self-audit tools

  • Training on demand

  • Benefit tools and library

  • Weekly HR snapshot

  • Mobile HR systems

  • Live harassment prevention training


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