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CheckRight NW began in 2009 with the desire to help small businesses thrive. What started as a side bookkeeping job while owner Jon Dyer completed his bachelor’s degree in accounting, turned into a payroll bureau that now provides bookkeeping, payroll, human capital management and time tracking services, all while offering clients operational advice where needed.


When asked how the company grew into what it is now, Dyer answered, “I found that the bookkeeping services provided by many of my competitors was very basic and lacked the fundamental accounting knowledge I had obtained through my degree. I combined that knowledge with an affordable service and have found fierce loyalty among my customers because of it.” Jon applied those two principles to everything he did with the business, knowledgeable and attentive customer service combined with affordable pricing, and has seen his company expand by word of mouth.


While based in the Pacific Northwest, CheckRight NW has expanded to serve clients all over the United States, including international companies that have stateside payroll needs. We work with companies from a variety of industries from a single employee, to thousands.


At CheckRight NW, we are committed to providing accurate services through knowledgeable professionals, and we try to do that with a smile on our faces every day!

Service is our Top Priority

Payroll can be stressful. It is often a company’s largest single expense and made harder due to high turnover and/or difficult employees. We strive to make your payroll simpler, more affordable, and managed in a timely manner by a friendly and knowledgeable staff.


Our clients come to us with government allocation and payment errors as well as other issues. We walk our clients through resolving those and any other issues they have, and we often will work hand in hand with government bureaus to find solutions. We’ve also had companies come to us to remedy problems created by their past payroll service or bookkeeper. We are problem solvers at heart.

We provide the best in Payroll Applications

We strive to find the best software solutions for a reasonable price, passing those savings on to our customers. Our software is designed to support businesses as they change and grow with robust HR solutions and accessible payroll services.


Our online portal provides a place where employees can find answers to their payroll questions without taking time away from support staff or business owners. Employees can change their addresses, look up paystubs, see how many hours of accrued vacation they have, and a host of other things from their personal devices.


We want to simplify payroll and support small business growth by providing better service, at a better price, with the best technology so our clients can focus on making money rather than running their payroll.

Interview with Jon Dyer


What values did you establish your company with?

            We started our company with the intention of helping small businesses cut down on their confusion and frustration with their bookkeeping and payroll services.  What we found was that most small companies had great people working for them however they didn’t have the in-depth knowledge the business owner was expecting and often needing. 

            This is a hard problem to solve because knowledge in accounting and payroll services can be expensive. In most cases, it rarely makes sense for a small business to have an accounting professional or a payroll specialist on staff. But they definitely need access to one.  That’s where we come in. . . . .

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We provide flexible services for sole proprietorships to large corporations. We’re dedicated to saving you time and money with accurate payroll.

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Time & Attendance

Our 24/7 online services make tracking employee attendance simple and convenient while reducing labor costs.

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HR Management

We’re experts in compliance, provide tools to track and manage employee benefits and will stay on top of worker comp so you don’t have to.

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