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Interview with Jon Dyer


Jon Dyer headshot.jpeg

What values did you establish your company with?

We started our company with the intention of helping small businesses cut down on their confusion and frustration with their bookkeeping and payroll services.  What we found was that most small companies had great people working for them however they didn’t have the in-depth knowledge the business owner was expecting and often needing. 

This is a hard problem to solve because knowledge in accounting and payroll services can be expensive. In most cases, it rarely makes sense for a small business to have an accounting professional or a payroll specialist on staff. But they definitely need access to one.  That’s where we come in. We pick up a phone and solve problems and answer questions as they come up or we come down to your office and sit with you and your CPA or employees to make sure we are guiding you through your questions properly. 


What do you enjoy about the service you provide? The work you do?

We take great pride in the services we provide but more importantly we feel satisfied when we see our clients use the information we have put together for them to make wise business decisions and avoid tax or accounting mistakes.

One of the greatest fears for businesses is that they are doing something wrong or their processes might not be set up to help them succeed. We have found that many of the clients we take on have been operating their business solely in their head when it comes to their financial plan and cash flow. They basically use their bank account and their memory to keep track of their success. This is okay for very small companies, but this does not allow you to plan well as a business owner nor does it allow you to think through your expenses and compare them to prior years/months weeks to how your business is changing. We help give you that confidence in your businesses numbers to know when you see information from us it can be used to make wise business decisions.


What have you learned from your clients?

Our clients have taught us the value of building relationships; the value of loyalty. We have learned the importance to keeping our own eye on the books and randomly checking transactions and information for accuracy. Most of all, our clients have shown us they want to work with people they can trust and rely on. This gives owners the ability to focus on making or saving money, which is where they can really effect change in their own businesses. 


What have you come to value as a business owner?


I have learned that it’s okay if you don’t always agree with your clients and business partners. You can still succeed together with a mutual trust and respect for one another. I have learned that most people are just out there working and doing their best, and when you help them succeed you have just added value to their personal lives/experience. Doing this is what keeps our business working every day.

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